Privacy Policy


Committed to your trust and safety, we have related some information and recommendations so that this site guarantees the main objective of its creation. Changes in these recommendations may happen with the objective of providing a quality service and, for this, we also count on your collaboration.

1) We recommend that interactions and postings of children be made with the permission and under the supervision of your family, according to the legal rules established for each age group.
2) All information will be submitted to a moderator and will not be published, if it is of interest to you. Simply place the request in the body of your message.
3) The submitted publications may also not be published, if the site moderator deems necessary.
4) We request the sending of information that respects the policy of the Internet services and the current legislation, with emphasis on human values.
5) We store information for the purpose of being used to contact you, perform a requested task, manage your account, prevent and detect fraud, provide product recommendations, content and / or services, etc. Such information may be withdrawn from our database with your request, generally 48 hours, depending on the conditions and stability of our network, system or any situations that involve our conditions and possibility of attendance.
6) We recommend the use of antivirus and other forms of prevention to protect access to links, cookies and other forms of access to your personal information through the use of this site, the Internet and its services.
7) We request that you help us to maintain this site according to the best conditions of service, for this your opinions and suggestions are fundamental.
Thank you for your collaboration. Contribute to the improvement of our services. Get in touch through our forms and Webmaster.